yes, i'm ready

This video/performance from 2010 is a "declaration dance" of self love, acceptance, and an invitation for growth. I got to a place where I decided to give up trying to edit or conform myself into societal roles and expectations. I think this performance shows the struggle of trying to love oneself without knowing how.

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A video/performance piece from 2010 about stagnancy, loss, and birth/rebirth. Much of this piece is about expressing the hurt and grief of losing my mother and an overwhelming sense of helplessness while trying to understand my identity within American society.

Needlework (excerpt)

Excerpt of video/performance from 2011 about intense meditation and the self isolation it causes from others and one's environment. In this performance another person is invited into the meditative act of embroidery in an attempt to ground oneself in reality and bring two people closer together.

Mere Mortal

Mere Mortal

A lot of people close to me are sick or have loved ones that are sick right now and I feel a sense of helplessness because I obviously cant save them or cure their illnesses. This piece was in response to this helplessness and is about being bound by this internal struggle and the fear of others' (and my own) mortality. I wanted it to show the external manifestation of the internal anxiety and a sense of tending to this pain as a means to process, appreciate and ultimately accept it. I want to explore further the simultaneous weight and value of it and I want to add more handwork to push the idea of the mending and "nesting" or living with these feelings.


Mere Mortal

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Ambitious Hermit

Damnatio ad Bestias (in progress)

Damnatio ad Bestias (in progress)

This piece explores the ideas of impulses and impulsive behavior. It will include themes of mercy, self-destruction, redemption, shame, psychology, religion, ritual and lust. I wanted to convey a character who was like a gladiator entering an arena to confront a beast only to realize he was both the lion and the gladiator. The beast eating him was part of himself and by vanquishing it he was destroying part of himself. This piece is meant to show the tender struggle that exists in this relationship between the warrior and his beast.

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